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Recommended Slack Key Guitar Recordings & Other Information

TO ORDER: Any national record retail chain (i.e. Borders Books and Music, Tower Records, Virgin Records and should carry Dancing Cat albums, or be able to order any that are not in stock. The following and other slack key guitar albums or sheet music may also be ordered through Harry's Music (3457 Wai'alae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816, phone 808-735-2866), House of Music (1415 Ala Moana Blvd Shop 1116, Honolulu, HI 96814, phone 808-949-1051) and on the internet at Hawaiian Music Island. New, used and out-of-print records can sometimes be found at Jelly's (two locations: in Pearl Kai at 98-199 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea, HI 96701, phone 808-486-5600 and at 1009 University Ave., Honolulu, HI 96826, phone 808-943-0500).

Slack Key Recordings

Gabby Pahinui

Solo recordings

    • PURE GABBY (Hula Records 567) - 1961 recording (re-released on CD 1978)
    • HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY, VOLUME 1 - WITH GABBY PAHINUI (Waikiki Records 319)* - approximately 1960
    • HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY, VOLUME 2 - WITH GABBY PAHINUI (Waikiki Records 320) - approximately 1960
    • THE BEST OF HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY (Waikiki Records 340) - 1950s recording
    • THE BEST OF GABBY PAHINUI VOLUME 1 - THE KING OF SLACK KEY (formerly titled KA MAKANA A PAHINUI (THE GIFT OF PAHINUI) (Hula Records) - The songs Nani Ko'olau, Ulile E, Koni Kai 'Opulaa and He'eia actually feature Atta Isaacs rather than Gabby
    • THE BEST OF GABBY, VOLUME 2 (Hula Records) - These two albums are compilations of five recordings on Hula Records: HS-503, HS-506, HS-531, HS-567 and HS-517 (HS-517 actually features Atta Isaacs rather than Gabby)

Gabby Pahinui with Eddie Kamae and The Sons of Hawai'i:

    • GABBY PAHINUI WITH THE SONS OF HAWAI'I (Hula Records 503) - 1962
    • MUSIC OF OLD HAWAI'I (Hula Records 506) - 1964
    • THE FOLK MUSIC OF HAWAI`I - AN ISLAND HERITAGE (Panini Records)* - 1971

The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Gand: With Atta Isaacs, Sonny Chillingworth, Cyril Pahinuii and Bla Pahinui:

    • GABBY (Panini Records 1002) - 1972
    • THE RABBIT ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL (Panini Records 1004) - 1973
    • GABBY PAHINUI HAWAIIAN BAND, VOLUME 1 (Panini Records 1007) - 1975
    • GABBY PAHINUI HAWAIIAN BAND, VOLUME 2 (Panini Records 1008) - 1977
    • THE WAIMEA MUSIC FESTIVAL (Panini Records 1006) - Includes five tracks by The Gabby Band, as well as other artists - 1974
    • BEST OF THE GABBY BAND 1972-1977 (Panini Records 1010)

Gabby Pahinui with The Maile Serenaders:

    • HAWAI'I'S FAVORITE SLACK KEY & STEEL GUITAR, VOL. 2 (Hula Records 531)* - Especially the songs Nanea Kou Maka and Kahuli Aku. Two songs, Kananaka and Ia'oe E Ka La, actually feature Peter Moon on slack key guitar instead of Gabby. (This album was formerly titled KANI KA PILA! VOLUME 2) - 1969
    • EVENING IN THE ISLANDS - THE MAILE SERENADERS (Hula Records 509)* - Especially the song Pearly Shells - 1964
    • IN HAWAI'I THE STORY STARTS (Waikiki Records 334 - out-of-print) - Especially the songs Lei E, Meleana E and Keawaiki - 1950s recording

Anthologies including Gabby Pahinui

    • THE HISTORY OF SLACK KEY GUITAR - Vintage Hawaiian Treasures Vol. 7 (Hana Ola Records 24000) - This compilation contains Gabby's five earliest recordings, from the 1940s: two versions of Hi'ilawe originally issued on Bell and Aloha Records, and three other tracks from the Bell label. It also contains fifteen reissued 1940s tracks by seven other slack key guitarists. To order, contact Cord International, PO Box 152, Ventura, CA 93002, phone 805-648-7881, website:

Sonny Chillingworth»

    • ENDLESSLY (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos and vocals accompanied by solo guitar - 1999
    • SONNY SOLO (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos and vocals accompanied by solo guitar - 1994
    • WAIMEA COWBOY (Mahalo Records) - 1964
    • SONNYV CHILLINGWORTH (Lehua Records 2014 - out-of-print)* - mid-1960s
    • KA'AINA O HAWAI'I (Lehua Records 2040 - out-of-print)* - mid-19602
    • HAWAI'I ALOHA: Echoes of Old Hawai'i (Waikiki Records 107 - out-of-print) - Compilation cassette with two songs by Sonny, Slack Key Medley (Moana Chimes/Pa'ahana) and Whee Ha Swing (Slack Key II), from the out-of-print 45-rpms: MONA PA'AHANA CHIMES (Waikiki Records 570) and WHEE HA SWING (Waikiki Records 571) which were recorded around 1957
Sonny also has three other fine out-of-print albums. Two more solo guitar releases are planned on Dancing Cat Records.

Ray Kane»

    • WA'AHILA (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos and vocals accompanied by solo guitar - 1998
    • PUNAHELE (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos and vocals accompanied by solo guitar - 1994
    • NANAKULI'S RAYMOND KANE (Tradewinds Records 1130)* - 1975
    • HAWAIIAN SUNSET MUSIC VOL. 1 (Hula Records) - Slack key instrumentals, also featuring Michael Lowe
One more solo guitar release is planned on Dancing Cat Records.

Leonard Kwan»

    • KE'ALA'S MELE (Dancing Cat) - Instrumental guitar solos and one vocal track
    • SLACK KEY ["the red album"] (Tradewinds Records 103) - 1960
    • THE OLD WAY (Tradewinds Records 1128)* - 1974
One more solo guitar release is planned on Dancing Cat Records.

Leonard Kwan and Ray Kane

    • SLACK KEY ["the black and white album"] (Tradewinds Records 106)* - Contains seven songs by Leonard Kwan: Medley: Aia Hiki Mai/Koni Au/Palisa, Hawaiian Love, Opihi Moemoe, Yellow Ginger Lei, Nahenahe, Kaneohe-Mama E and Manini; and six songs by Ray Kane: Kila Kila Haleakala, Willy's Tune, Meleana E, Auwe, Punahele and Wa'ahila - early 1960s

Atta Isaacs

    • TWO SLACK KEY GUITARS -- A-LIVIN'-ON-EASY (Tradewinds Records 1124) - With Gabby Pahinui. The song March Medley is actually Ka Ua Noe and is a classic pure duet. Also contains four bonus tracks from the out-of-print album - late 1960s
    • ATTA: Mele Li'i, Kokohi-Moani Ke'ala, Na Molokama and Sweet Lei Lehua
    • ATTA (Tradewinds Records 1126 - out-of-print)*
The following five albums feature Atta playing some great backup guitar (see also Melveen Leed under Various Artists and Gabby Pahinui):
    • THE MAILE SERENADERS--HAWAI'I'S FAVORITE SLACK KEY & STEEL GUITAR, VOL. 1 (Hula Records 517) - Features Atta on slack key, although sometimes Gabby Pahinui is erroneously credited (formerly titled KANI KA PILA! VOL. 1) - 1966
    • THIS IS EDDIE KAMAE AND THE SONS OF HAWAII (Hula Records 513)* - 1965
    • MARCELLA KALUA -- GIRL FROM PAPAKOLEA (Mahalo Records 4012)* - Slack key backup by Atta, with the Sons of Hawai'i - 1960s
    • THE NEW HAWAIIAN BAND (Hana Ola Classic Collector Series, Vol. 7 12000, formerly Trim Records 1975) - Atta's slack key guitar is featured on the songs Kui Au, Green Rose Hula, Haole Hula and Kekaupu - 1975

Led Kaapana »

    • BLACK SAND (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos, as well as a duet with Leonard Kwan
    • LED LIVE -- SOLO (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos and vocals accompanied by solo guitar
    • IN THE SADDLE (Dancing Cat) - With Bob Brozman on acoustic steel guitar, pure duets of acoustic steel and slack key guitar
    • KIKA KILA MEETS KI HO'ALU (Dancing Cat) - With Bob Brozman on acoustic steel guitar, pure duets of acoustic steel and slack key guitar
      For a great video of Bob and Led, see LEDWARD KAAPANA & BOB BROZMAN IN CONCERT (See Video Documentaries)
    • LIMA WELA! (Leahi Records 2001 ) - 1983
    • SIMPLY SLACK KEY (Paradise Records 970)*
Led also plays excellent guitar on 8 recordings with the group I Kona and on 14 recordings with the group Hui Ohana. Two more solo guitar releases are planned on Dancing Cat Records, as well as one more duet album with Bob Brozman. For more information on Led Kaapana, visit his website at

Cyril Pahinui »

    • NIGHT MOON (PO MAHINA) (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos and vocals accompanied by solo guitar
    • 6 & 12 STRING SLACK KEY (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos and vocals accompanied by solo guitar
    • FOUR HANDS SWEET & HOT (Dancing Cat) - Pure duets with Bob Brozman on acoustic steel guitar
    • KA HO'OLINA MAU (Poki Records) - Vocals accompanied by slack key guitar and ensemble
    • CYRIL (Pahinui Records 6068) - 1988
    • THE SANDWICH ISLE BAND (Seabird Sound Hawaii 1003 - out-of-print) - 1978
    • MEET PALANI VAUGHAN & THE SUNDAY MANOA (Hula Records 524) - With slack key guitarist Peter Moon. See also Peter Moon with The Sunday Manoa. - 1968
Two more solo guitar releases are planned on Dancing Cat Records, as well as one more duet album with Bob Brozman.

James "Bla" Pahinui »

    • WINDWARD HEART - LIVE SOLO (Dancing Cat) - Mainly vocals accompanied by solo guitar
    • MANA (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos and vocals accompanied by solo guitar
    • BLA PAHINUI (Mountain Apple - out-of-print) - 1983
    • BLA (Pua Lani Records - out-of-print) - 1981
Also see Peter Moon with the Sunday Manoa. Two more solo guitar releases are planned on Dancing Cat Records.

Martin Pahinui

    • HO'OLOHE (Dancing Cat) - Vocals and slack key guitar accompanied by George Kuo, Aaron Mahi, and with special guest Bobby Ingano on steel guitar.

The Pahinui Brothers (Cyril, James "Bla" and Martin Pahinui)

    • THE PAHINUI BROS. (Private Music/Panini Records)

George Kuo »

    • ALOHA NO NA KUPUNA (Love for the Elders) (Dancing Cat) - Instrumental guitar solos
    • HAWAIIAN TOUCH (Dancing Cat) - With Barney Isaacs on acoustic steel guitar. The first ever recording of pure acoustic steel and slack key guitar duets
    • NAHENAHE - HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY (Hula Records 576) - 1981
    • HARDLY WORKING (Kahanu Records 1004 - out-of-print) - With the Kipapa Rush Band, features slack key guitarist Wayne Reis
More solo guitar releases and duet albums featuring Barney Isaacs on acoustic steel are also planned on Dancing Cat Records.

Dennis Kamakahi »

    • 'OHANA (FAMILY) (Dancing Cat) - Vocals and instrumentals, includes four duets with son David on 'ukulele
    • PUA'ENA (GLOW BRIGHTLY) (Dancing Cat) - Vocals accompanied by slack key and one instrumental track
For more information on Dennis Kamakahi, visit his web site at

Hui Aloha (Hawaiian Slack Key Band) »

Keola Beamer »

    • SOLILOQUY - KA LEO O LOKO (Dancing Cat) - Instrumental pieces for one or two guitars
    • KOLONAHE - FROM THE GENTLE WIND (Dancing Cat) - Four instrumentals and nine vocal pieces
    • MAUNA KEA -- WHITE MOUNTAIN JOURNAL (Dancing Cat) - Five instrumental guitar solos and eleven instrumental arrangements for two guitars
    • MOE'UHANE KIKA (TALES FROM THE DREAM GUITAR) (Dancing Cat) - Ten instrumental guitar solos and five instrumental arrangements for two or more guitars
    • HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR IN THE REAL OLD STYLE (Music of Polynesia Records 22000) - Eight instrumentals and three vocals with beautiful arrangements for two slack key guitars - 1972
    • WOODEN BOAT (Dancing Cat) - Slack key guitar with instrumentals, vocals and ensemble
    • ISLAND BORN (`Ohe Records 96118)
More releases are planned on Dancing Cat Records. For more information on Keola Beamer, visit his website at

The Beamer Brothers (Keola and Kapono):

    • HAWAI'I'S KEOLA AND KAPONO BEAMER (Tantalus Records 1001) - 1975
    • HONOLULU CITY LIGHTS (Paradise Records 808) - 1978
    • THIS IS OUR ISLAND HOME -- WE ARE HER SONS (Music of Polynesia Records 29000)* - 1973
    • HAWAII THEN AND NOW (Music of Polynesia Records 35000 - out-of-print) - 1974
There are two other fine Beamer Brothers albums.

Ozzie Kotani »

Moses Kahumoku »

Two more solo guitar releases are planned on Dancing Cat Records.

George Kahumoku, Jr.

    • HAWAIIAN LOVE SONGS - NA MELE HO'ONIPONIPO HAWAI'I (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos, vocals accompanied by solo guitar and duets with Bob Brozman, Diana Aki and Norton Buffalo
    • DRENCHED BY MUSIC (Dancing Cat) - Guitar solos, vocals accompanied by solo guitar and duets with Bob Brozman and Diana Aki
    • E LILI'U (Kealia Farms Record Co. 1008) - Instrumental songs by Queen Lili'uokalani, including some from the film, Onipa'a, about the overthrow of Hawai'i's last monarch in 1893. Available from Olinda Road Distribution, phone 808-837-7800
    • HOOLINA - THE LEGACY (Kealia Farms Record Co. 1007) - Mainly vocals with George's son Keoki Kahumoku
    • HYMNS OF HAWAII (Aire 88922) - With Daniel Ho, vocals with two slack key guitars
More releases are planned on Dancing Cat Records. George also has a memoir about his life, A HAWAIIAN LIFE, co-authored by Paul Konwiser. For more information on George Kahumoku, visit his website at

The Kahumoku Brothers (Moses and George)

    • KAI MALINO (THE PEACEFUL SEA) (Hula Records 577) - 1986
    • SWEET AND SASSY -- HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY STYLINGS, VOL. 1 (KB-1005 - out-of-print, to be reissued in 2002) - 1988

Peter Moon

    • THE PATH (Kanikapila 1017) - Slack key guitar and 'ukulele inutrumentals
    • HO'I HOU (RETURN ONCE MORE) (Kanikapila 1015) - Slack key guitar and 'ukulele instrumentals

Peter Moon Band with Cyril and/or Martin Pahinui:

    • SPIRIT LOVER (Kanikapila Records 1002) - 1984
    • HARBOR LIGHTS (Kanikapila Records 1001) - 1983
    • CANE FIRE (Panini Records 1012) - 1982
    • MALIE (Panini Records 1011)* - 1980
There are many other fine albums by the Peter Moon Band.

Peter Moon with The Sunday Manoa

    • MEET PALANI VUGHAN & THE SUNDAY MANOA (Hula Records 524) - Also features slack key guitarist Cyril Pahinui - 1968
    • HAWAIIAN TIME (Hula Records) - with Bla Pahinui - 1969
    • GUAVA JAM (Hula Records 543) - 1972
    • THE SUNDAY MANOA -- CRACKED SEED (Panini Records 1003)
    • THE SUNDAY MANOA 3 (Panini Records 1005)
There are also two other fine Sunday Manoa albums with Peter Moon.

Cindy Combs

    • SLACK KEY LADY (Dancing Cat)
    • LAND OF THE ENDLESS SUMMER (Better Days Records 003) - Two instrumentals: 'Au'au Pu and Hawaii Loa, as well as vocals with slack key backup
For more information on cindy Combs, visit her website at

Ken Emerson

    • SLACK & STEEL (Liko Records 2002) - Ken on slack key and acoustic & electric steel guitar

Auntie Alice Namakelua

    • AUNTIE ALICE NAMAKELUA (Hula Records 552 - out-of-print) - Contains four slack key tracks that document the oldest slack key style on record - 1974

Nedward Ka'apana

    • HIS OWN MAN (Lehua 7059) - Slack key instrumentals & vocals with slack key backup

Hal Kinnaman

    • SLACK KEY REVERE (HLK-1942) - To order, contact Slack Key Productions, PO Box 635, Kalaheo, HI 96741

Lehua Ka'apana Nash

    • KI HO'ALU -- KA'APANA STYLE (Jus' Press Records 5003)

John Keawe:

    • AUHELE (Homestead Productions 1002)* - To order, contact Homestead Productions, PO Box 577, Kapaau, HI 96755. Phone or fax: 808-889-5535
    • MANA 'OLANA (Homestead Productions 1003)
    • HO'ONEANEA (Homestead Productions 1001)

Na Pali (with Carlos Andrade and Patrick Cockett)

    • NA PALI - PACIFIC TUNINGS (Awapuhi Records 101) - 1988

Patrick Landeza »

    • PU'UNAUE "TO SHARE" (Pu'unaue Productions 1201) - To order, contact Pu'unaue Productions, 240 Athol Ave. Ste.101, Oakland, CA 94606, phone 877-205-6134 x4412, email:, website:

Ron Loo

    • KAHALU'U SLACK (Pila Nahenahe Productions 1004) - To order, write Pila Nahenahe Productions, PO Box 5126, Kaneohe, HI 96744

Daniel Ho »

    • THE VOYAGE HOME (Aire 81998) - Order from Aire Music, 914 Westwood Blvd #813, Los Angeles, CA 90024 For additional information on Daniel Ho, visit his website at

Mika'ele Mike McClellan

    • SLACK-KEY VAGABOND (AIM Recording Company 7-29012-5)
    • BACKYARD SLACK KEY AND AUTOHARP (Top Soil Records 8128)*
    • SOME NEW THINGS (Top Soil Records 9083)* - To order, contact Mika'ele Mike McClellan, 22283 Cass Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, phone 818-999-3129

Jim West

    • COCONUT HAT (Westernmost Records 30001-2)

Yuki Alani Yamauchi

    • MAIKAI NO BLUES (Respect Records 30, Japan import) - With Ray Kane on vocals
    • HAWAII PONOI (Jasrac Records RICE 703, Malaysia import)
Yuki has several other recordings on Respect Records in Japan.

Various Artists

Video Documentaries

    • LEDWARD KAAPANA & BOB BROZMAN IN CONCERT (Vestapol 13074) - To order, contact Vestapol Videos: phone 973-729-5544, fax 973-726-0568 or
    • GABBY PAHINUI, FAMILY & FRIENDS/THE PAHINUI BROTHERS - Video documentary on the late founder of the modern slack key era. Available from Panini Records or

      Four documentaries gy Eddie & Myrna Kamae: (to order, contact Hawaii Sons, PO Box 8230, Honolulu HI 96830)
      • THE HAWAIIAN WAY - About slack key features guitarists Led Kaapana, George Kuo, Ray Kane, Moses Kahumoku, George Kahumoku, Jr., Eddie Kamae and The Sons of Hawai'i, among others, including late slack key guitarists Gabby Pahinui, Fred Punahoa and Manu Kahaialii
      • SONS OF HAWAII - About the Hawaiian music group the Sons of Hawaii which included Gabby Pahinui, Eddie Kamae, Joe Marshall and David "Feet" Rogers
      • LISTEN TO THE FOREST - About the Hawaiian rainforests includes slack key tracks by George Kuo & Led Kaapana
      • LI'A -- THE LEGACY OF A HAWAIIAN MAN - About the late violinist Sam Li'a has slack key tracks by George Kuo

    • KI HO'ALU -- THAT'S SLACK KEY GUITAR - Documentary by Susan Friedman features performances by Ray Kane, Sonny Chillingworth, Leonard Kwan, Led Kaapana, George Kuo, George Kahumoku, Haunani Apoliona and others
    • PANIOLO O HAWAII -- COWBOYS OF THE FAR WEST - Beautiful documentary by Edgy Lee; soundtrack includes live performance of Whee Ha Swing by Led Kaapana. Available at Borders Books & Music stores; or contact Filmworks, Ltd., phone 808-537-6813, fax 808-537-9272, email:
    • TROUBLED PARADISE - Documentary by Stephen Okazaki has performances by several artists, including slack key guitarists George Kahumoku, Jr. and Dean Kaahanui. Audio soundtrack is available on Flying Fish Records (70607)*
    • HAWAIIAN RAINBOW - Documentary by Robert Mugge has performances by several artists, including slack key guitar by Ray Kane. Audio soundtrack is available on Rounder Records (6018)
    • ACT OF WAR - THE OVERTHROW OF THE HAWAIIAN NATION - Brilliant historical video by Puhipau and Joan Lander on the overthrow of Queen Lili'uokalani, also the greatest composer of her time. Part of the soundtrack features slack key guitar by Peter Moon, including a solo minor-key version of Kaulana Na Pua and a beautiful version of Queen's Jubilee. To order, contact Na Maka o ka 'Aina, PO Box 29, Na'alehu, HI 96772-0029, phone 808-929-9659, fax 808-929-9679 or email Also visit their website for more educational videos on Hawaiian culture

Instructional Videos

    • Keola Beamer: THE ART OF HAWAIIAN -SLACK KEY GUITAR (Homespun KEO-GT01) Includes sheet music in tablature form. Available from Homespun Tapes, PO Box 694, Woodstock, NY 12498, phone 800-33-TAPES, fax 914-246-5282, or through Keola's website:
    • Led Kaapana: THE HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR OF LEDWARD KAAPANA (Homespun LED-GTO1) - Taught by Led Kaapana and hosted by Bob Brozman. To order, call 800-33-TAPES or online
    • Ray Kane
      • THE SLACK KEY SECRETS OF RAY KANE (Lone Tree Productions) - Order from Lone Tree Productions, 98-1277 Kaahumanu St, Ste PP303, Aiea, HI 96701; or Hawaiian Music Island,
      • SLACK KEY GUITAR (KI HO'ALU) INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO - To order contact: Ray and Elodia Kane, 89-103 Haleakala Avenue, Wai'anae, HI 96792

Instruction/Music Books

    • Ozzie Kotani: GUITAR PLAYING HAWAIIAN STYLE (Mel Bay Pub.) [Beginning & Intermediate] - In tablature notation, with accompanying CD. To order call 800-8-MELBAY
    • Keola Beamer: KEOLA BEAMER TEACHES HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR (Homespun Tapes, distributed by Hal Leonard 00695338) - Available from Hal Leonard, PO Box 13819, Milwaukee, WI 53213, or visit their website
    • LEARN TO PLAY HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR (Mel Bay Publications 96695) - By Keola Beamer and Mark Nelson; 160 page book with CD. To order call 800-8-MELBAY
    • HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR (Oak Publications - out-of-print) [Beginning & Intermediate] - An extended version of the FIRST METHOD FOR HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR book, with accompanying flexi disc recording
    • Daniel Ho & Steve Sano: SECRETS OF CONTEMPORARY SLACK KEY GUITAR (Alfred) - Available from from Hawaiian Music Island,
    • Leonard Kwan: SLACK KEY INSTRUCTION -- Available from Elderly Books Instructional Tapes and Video Cassettes, PO Box 14210, Lansing, MI 48901, phone 517-372-7890, fax 517-372-5155 (from Catalog #92B-2); or from Hawaiian Music Island,
    • Various Artists: MASTERS OF HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR - By Mark Hanson; Includes transcriptions of songs by Ray Kane, Sonny Chillingworth, Leonard Kwan, Cyril Pahinui, Led Kaapana and more. To order call 1-800-313-4406 or visit the website
    • Mika'ele Mike McClellan: AN ADVANCED WORKBOOK FOR THE HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR - To order contact Mika'ele Mike McClellan, 22283 Cass Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, phone 818-999-3129
    • Ronald J. K. Loo: HE KALANA KAKAU KI HO'ALU, HELU 'EKAHI (A SLACK KEY NOTEBOOK, NO. 1) [beginning], also NO. 2 [intermediate] and NO. 3 [advanced] - Includes cassettes; to order contact Pila Nahenahe, 2325-A Liliha Street, Honolulu, HI 96817, phone 808-239-4281, website:
    • Yuki Yamauchi: SLACK KEY TUNINGS FOR GUITAR (Japanese language publication) [Intermediate] - To order contact Yuki Yamauchi at 40-11 Shimizucho, Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 174
    • Ray Kane: PUNAHELE -- HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY GUITAR - By Ren Tava (out-of-print, a new book is tentatively to be issued); Individual transcription (including tablature and standard notation) of this song is available from Stropes Editions, Ltd., 1132 Lake Avenue, Racine, WI 53403-1925, phone 414-636-9910, fax 414-636-9911, website:

Slack Key Guitar Lessons

In Hawai'i

    • Ozzie Kotani: Private lessons when schedule permits. Ozzie is also available as a contact for further information and referrals for slack key lessons in the Hawaiian Islands: 2401-B Pauoa Rd., Honolulu, HI 96813, phone 808-536-8734
    • Walter Carvalho: Offers private lessons when schedule permits, phone 808-254-4643
    • George Kahumoku: Teaches a Hawaiian slack key guitar workshop in Napilli, on the island of Maui, during the second week in June each year. For more information, visit or email George at
    • Hal Kinnaman: Offers private lessons on the island of Kauai when schedule permits. Contact him at Slack Key Productions, PO Box 635, Kalaheo, HI 96741, phone 808-335-0322
    • Ronald J. K. Loo: Offers private lessons as his schedule permits, phone 808-239-4281
    • Farrington High School Adult Education: On the island of O'ahu, offers slack key guitar classes, phone 808-832-3596
    • University of Hawai'i at Manoa: College of Continuing Education, on the island of O'ahu, phone 808-956-8400
    • Windward Community College: On the island of O'ahu, offers slack key guitar classes, phone 808-235-7400

On the Mainland

    • Stanford University Dept. of Music: Stephen Sano teaches a seminar titled "Ki Ho'alu: The New Renaissance of a Hawaiian Musical Tradition" that is part lecture/discussion and part practicum, phone 650-723-3811
    • Mika'ele Mike McClellan: Offers workshops and classes in slack key guitar in the Los Angeles area: 22283 Cass Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, phone 818-999-3129; or through McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA, phone 310-828-4497
    • Bill Raissle: A long time student of Raymond Kane, Bill offers workshops and classes in old-style slack key guitar in the San Antonio, Texas area. Contact at P.O. Box 1061, Spring Branch, Texas 78070, or by phone at 830-438-8370, or by email at

Newsletters/Internet Sites

    • Information about learning slack key, links to other slack key resources, and a message board for announcements and discussions about slack key
    • Hawaiian Music Island: Sells Hawaiian music, plus has information on upcoming slack key and Hawaiian music events worldwide
    • Stevo's Hawaiian Music Guide: Extensive index of Hawaiian music information available on the web including: music sources, concert schedules, radio shows, artist web sites and more
    • A great web site for Hawaiian music and slack key
    • Listen to Hawaiian CDs online. From home page, click CD Jukebox button, click Search Jukebox and search under "Hawaiian"
    • Kapalakiko Calendar: The definitive quarterly calendar of all notable Hawaiian events, available from Kapalakiko Productions for a yearly subscription of $10.00. Contact Saichi Kawahara, Editor, at 800 Meade Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124, phone 415-468-7125
      For individual artist web sites, see musician's listing in the Recommended Recording section.

Seeing Slack Key Guitar Live

Slack key concert tour information sources:

Slack key guitar festivals:

    • The annual Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival is held in, or near, Honolulu on the island of O'ahu, every third Sunday in August. An hour-long program is usually broadcast on local television in early or mid-September, a few weeks after the concert. Other annual slack key festivals take place in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, Maui, Kauai and occasionally on some of the outer islands. For information, visit or contact Ka-Hoku Productions: phone 808-239-4336, fax 808-239-6053,

On the island of O`ahu

    • The Marriot Waikiki Hotel features live slack key guitar (especially George Kuo, Dennis Kamakahi and Martin Pahinui) and Hawaiian entertainers, 2552 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815, phone 808-921-5151

On the island of Maui

Live slack key can be seen regularly at the following locations on the Island of Maui:

    • The Villa Restaurant and solo pool-side at the Westin Maui Hotel, 2365 Kaanapali Parkway, Lahaina, HI 96761, phone 808-667-2525
    • The Mauian in Napilli, phone 808-669-6206
    • The Hula Grill in Kaanapali, phone 808-667-6636

On the island of Kaua`i

    • The Hanapepe Cafe in Hanapepe, a gourmet vegetarian restaurant, hosts live slack key regularly (especially Cindy Combs), phone 808-335-5011

On the Big Island of Hawai`i

John Keawe plays regularly at the following locations:

    • Kona Village Resort's Bora Bora Room on Mondays from 6 to 9:30 p.m., phone 808-325-5555
    • Lava Lounge in the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., phone 808-325-8000
    • Bamboo Restaurant in Hawi twice a month (Friday or Saturday night), phone 808-889-5555
    • King's Shops in Waikoloa every other Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m.

Hawaiian Music on the Radio


Big Island

    • In Hilo, KAHU (1060 AM) and KWXX (94.7 FM)


    • Kaua'i Community Radio KKCR 90.9 & 91.9 FM and KUAI (720 AM), where Cindy Combs, broadcasting as "The 'Ukulele Lady" on Wednesday through Friday from 9 AM to 2 PM, has many musician guests from around the Islands
NOTICE: Dancing Cat is trying to locate a 78-rpm record by William Namahoe called SERENADE OF THE STRINGS (49th State #131). If you have any information, please contact Claire Green, phone 831-429-5085, or email to Claire Green's attention.

* not available on compact disc

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