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CATEGORY»Dancing Cat Artists
Keola Beamer
Keola Beamer is one of Hawai'i's premier singer/songwriters, arrangers, composers, and slack key guitarists. His well of talent springs from five generations of the Island's most illustrious musical lineages. The Beamer family traces their roots to the 15th century descendants of King Kamehemeha and Queen Ahiakumai.

CATEGORY»Dancing Cat Artists
Bob Brozman
Bob Brozman is a guitarist like no other: an established and prolific recording artist, performer, producer, and author, Bob is a non-stop world traveler and tireless researcher in ethnomusicology. His work with musicians from around the world in the past several years has marked him as not only a virtuoso musician and slide guitarist, but also as a pioneer in finding a common thread among global musical cultures.

CATEGORY»Dancing Cat Artists
Cindy Combs
Like all slack key guitarists, Cindy brings her own unique features to everything she plays. Producer George Winston is especially excited about her use of the fairly rare G6th tuning...

CATEGORY»Dancing Cat Artists
Led Kaapana
Ledward Kaapana was born August 25, 1948 on the big island of Hawai'i. He was raised in Kalapana and learned to play guitar and ukulele at the age of six. Led learned by watching and listening to his mother Tina, his father George and his uncle Fred Punahoa...

CATEGORY»Dancing Cat Artists
George Kahumoku
George is one of Hawaii's best known performers of slack key guitar music. E komo mai ! Welcome to kahumoku.com.

CATEGORY»Dancing Cat Artists
Dennis Kamakahi
Dennis David Ka-hekili-mamao-i-kalani-keha ( The Distant Thunder In The Highest Heavens ) Kamakahi was the oldest child of Kenneth and Clara Kamakahi. Born on March 31, 1953 in Downtown Honolulu. At the age of 3, he started to play the ukulele and was taught by his Grandfather, David Naoo Kamakahi, the art of slack key guitar playing at the age of 10 years old...

CATEGORY»General HI Internet Sites and Newsletters
Buy Hawaiian Music.com
This site also sells Hawaiian music, videos, and DVDs.

CATEGORY»General HI Internet Sites and Newsletters
Tropical Isle
This site has Hawaiian music, books, and many other Hawaiian items.

CATEGORY»General HI Internet Sites and Newsletters
Stevo s Hawaiian Music Guide
Extensive index of Hawaiian music information available on the web, including music sources, concert schedules, radio shows, artist web sites, and more.

CATEGORY»General HI Internet Sites and Newsletters
TaroPatch.net - an online community dedicated to Hawaiian slack key guitar and ukulele. Especially note in the Learn section, the Tuning Applet section, which shows chords in various tunings.

CATEGORY»General HI Internet Sites and Newsletters
Aloha Plenty
Site for Hawaiian music, Slack Key guitar, live concerts, and for subscribing to their weekly newsletter.

CATEGORY»General HI Internet Sites and Newsletters
Hawaiian Music
Great site with many links for Hawaiian musicians and other information.

CATEGORY»General HI Internet Sites and Newsletters
Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives
Has music lyrics and other information

CATEGORY»Hawaiian Music on the Radio
Hawaiian Adventure Radio - Aloha Joe
Aloha Joe.com is one of the "most influential Hawaiian websites on the Internet." We broadcast "Hawaiian Music" on the world's "most-listened to" Hawaiian radio station! Aloha Radio currently entertains people in over 115 countries around-the-clock with its all-Hawaiian music format. We feature the "Music and Spirit of Hawaii" 24-hours every day and offer some other Hawaiian-related products and services including Hawaiian recipes, contests, and travel information.

CATEGORY»Hawaiian Music on the Radio
Listen to Hawaiian CDs online. From the home page, click on the CD Jukebox button, click on Search Jukebox and search under Hawaiian.

CATEGORY»Instructional Books, Videos & DVDs
Guitar Video and DVD Lessons
Carry video and DVD lessons from many Slack Key artists.

CATEGORY»Instructional Books, Videos & DVDs
Carry a number of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar lesson books including Guitar Playing Hawaiian Style, and Learn to Play Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

CATEGORY»Instructional Books, Videos & DVDs
Hal Leonard
They carry - Keala Beamer Teaches Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

CATEGORY»Instructional Books, Videos & DVDs
Carry a number of Hawaiian Slack Guitar instructional videos including Keola Beamer's - The Art of Hawiian Slack Key Guitar and The Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar of Ledward Kaapana

CATEGORY»Other Sites of Interest
Folk Alliance
Folk Alliance is an energetic body whose members are performers, agents, media, record companies, merchandisers, presenters, and other organizations and individuals actively promoting and fostering culturally diverse traditional and contemporary folk music, dance, storytelling, and related performing arts in North America. Our members encompass the breadth of the folk community: presenters, performers, festivals, agents, folk societies and their volunteers, back-porch players, song circle leader

CATEGORY»Other Sites of Interest
General HI Internet Sites and Newsletters
Auntie Marie s site sells Hawaiian music, videos, DVDs, and other items, and has information on upcoming slack key and Hawaiian music events worldwide, as well as links for many Hawaiian musicians.

CATEGORY»Other Sites of Interest
Santa Cruz Guitar Company
Richard Hoover began building guitars and carved-top mandolins in 1972. By 1976 his focus was on the modern steel string guitar. The task of becoming a master at all aspects of guitar making is a lifelong pursuit, and Richard has patiently refined his craftsmanship and knowledge as his company has grown. It was and is Richard's intent to translate his skills and sensitivities as an individual builder to an exceptional team of craftspeople, each of whom could become an expert in their specialty.

CATEGORY»Other Sites of Interest
Snazzy Americana Music
Americana Music (a-mer-i-KAN-a MYOO-zik), n. That's what you'll find here at Snazzy's Americana Music Mercantile. Americana music is American roots music, from acappella to bluegrass to zydeco. It's folk, it's rock'n'roll, it's blues, it's the weird edge of country. Americana is Hawaiian slack key, rockabilly, and country swing. Sometimes it's a mixture of all of this, other times its something your niece from Austin just made up.

CATEGORY»Other Slack Key Guitar and Hawaiian Music Artists
Cord International/Hana Ola Records
Everyone at Cord International/Hana Ola Records is dedicated to preserving, restoring and releasing "lost" or classic previously out-of-print recordings from Hawai'i-nei. Since 1974 we've passionately researched, restored and released the authentic sounds of ... vintage, contemporary, hapa-haole (Hawaiian music with English lyrics), traditional hula & chant, the Japanese music of Hawai'i, ki ho'alu (Hawaiian slack-key guitar), Hawaiian steel guitar and 'ukulele - so that people from all over...

CATEGORY»Other Slack Key Guitarists and Hawaiian Music Artists
Kapono Beamer
Composer and recording artist

CATEGORY»Other Slack Key Guitarists and Hawaiian Music Artists
Ken Emerson
Composer and recording artist

CATEGORY»Other Slack Key Guitarists and Hawaiian Music Artists
Daniel Ho
Composer and recording artist

CATEGORY»Other Slack Key Guitarists and Hawaiian Music Artists
John Keawe
Composer and recording artist

CATEGORY»Other Slack Key Guitarists and Hawaiian Music Artists
Patrick Landeza
Composer and recording artist

CATEGORY»Other Slack Key Guitarists and Hawaiian Music Artists
Composer and recording artist

CATEGORY»Other Slack Key Guitarists and Hawaiian Music Artists
Peter Moon
Composer and recording artist

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